Kyoto Denim-Model Wanted

At Kyoto Denim, we are looking for people who can model Kyoto Denim because they want to challenge the model, or because they have experience as a model and want a picture of a publicity material.

Kyoto Denim is looking for a model

We are always looking for jeans models for Kyoto Denim. The photos taken will be used for product photo models in online stores, brand images of Kyoto Denim, magazine advertisements, etc.

Inexperienced people can also apply. Please feel free to contact us.

Job openings モデル
Employment status Hourly wage system, daily wage system, or volunteer internship
Message Product photo model, Kyoto denim image photo (mainly used for Web, magazines, etc.)
条件 · 20 years and over
・ Gender does not matter if you live in Kansai
Place Kyoto denim

600-8208-79 Koinari-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 3-104 (5-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station)

How to Apply Please apply by email.

① Your name
② Age
③ Telephone number
④ Height
⑤ Three sizes

Please attach a full-body photo of the front and back.

Contact 075-352-1053

Kyoto denim procedure

Please send the data and photos described in the application guidelines by email.

When you receive an email, the fitting date will be decided.

At the time of fitting, the photographer will take a few photos and check it, and if it is OK, Kyoto Denim will contact you at a later date.

Confirm the shooting date by email and shoot.

Benefits of Kyoto Denim model

We will hand over the data by selecting several photos taken by the photographer when shooting the model.
You can use it as a photo for a publicity photo
We will give you photos that can be used on SNS such as Instagram as data
You will always get the round-trip transportation fee for shooting (excluding the first fitting)
It will be a memorial to one of the best photos of myself

* Due to size, we may not be able to meet your request. Please note.

* Hourly wages for transportation are not available for fitting. After the shooting is decided, the amount will be paid when shooting

* If you do not receive a reply within 075 days after sending the email, there is a possibility of non-delivery. Please contact us again by another method such as telephone. (TEL 352-1053-XNUMX)

Kyoto Denim is looking for colleagues to work with

We are working to get people to know the traditional craftsmanship used in kimono and to get interested in Japanese culture as much as possible.
If someone who is familiar with traditional techniques and is interested tells someone and inherits it somewhere
I'm sure that people will nurture and pass on that era, and I think that culture can be preserved for the next generation.
Like our ancestors planted trees for the future 100 years from now
Think about what we can do for the next 100 years.
To make the next generation that Japanese people love and love Japanese culture
What to do now
The ancestors left the culture in Japan by valuing what they left behind rather than what they gained.
We use the traditional crafts of kimono for familiar things and carry out activities to pass on to the next generation.