World-class sewing technology and Kyoto Denim's unique washing process

Kyoto Denim Jeans Sewing Factory

Kyoto denim jeansFukuyama City, Hiroshima PrefectureSewing with, then Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-kenWe will wash it with. Both Fukuyama and Kurashiki are well-known areas for producing jeans. With Japan's top level sewing technology, we make jeans that are bold and beautiful like never before.

Commitment to detail

Sewing jeans with a sewing machine

The characteristics of jeans we tailor areThorough detailsis. Research, trial production, and experiments were repeated to the extent that it was a challenge for craftsmen.

A state of sewing jeans with a sewing machine XNUMX

Technology,Traditional beauty,Design,thoughtThe structure, which was born from original ideas taken from various angles, goes beyond the framework of fashion and is finished as a work that can be called art.

A state of sewing jeans with a sewing machine XNUMX

Jeans that tell the history of Japan

Kyoto denim jeans are known as jeans that use the techniques of Kyo Komon dyeing of kimono and traditional craft Kyo Yuzen dyeing, but they are also known in the sewing process.Japanese traditional elementsIs incorporated.

Up back pocket of Kyoto denim men's jeans(Men's jeans pocket)

The cutting and sewing of the fabric that becomes the pocket differs depending on each jeans.Back pockets made to assemble a thin fabric and Kumihimo (Photo: upper left) andBellows-shaped pocket sewn with the motif of the armor tag worn by the samurai(Photo: lower left) We will reconstruct the long history and traditions cultivated by the Japanese and incorporate them into jeans.

These structures are not possible in mass production.

Up back pocket of Kyoto denim ladies jeans(Women's jeans pocket)

Similarly for women's jeans, we are particular about the details of the details. The cutting of the fabric used for the pocket part is made very carefully.Yellow stitching inspired by the staff notation on the score(Photo: upper left)A pocket designed to wrap a furoshiki with the motif of Japan's unique "wrapping" cultureEach design has its own personality, such as (photo: lower left), and all the designs are filled with thoughts.

All parts are sewn by hand one by one, which is laborious and time consuming and risky, but never compromised.

Sewing jeans with a sewing machine XNUMX

After many years of trial and error and research, we develop and propose unique jeans.

"Kyoto Denim" that connects Japanese history and techniques to the present

Sewing jeans with a sewing machine XNUMX

Kyoto Denim inherits craftsmanship through fashion. Jeans sewing techniques cultivated by Japanese craftsmen are also one of the long-standing traditional techniques.

Ironing board

However, not only the craftsmanship, but also the history and emotions of Japan can be felt.Manufacturing pursuing ancient Japanese aestheticsI would like to send out.

ミ シ ン

Kyoto Denim's original washing process

Denim washing work
Washing, the final process of jeans. Kyoto denim jeans are basically one-wash processed.
Denim washing work XNUMX

However, after the product is finished, there are dyeing processes such as Yuzen dyeing, dyeing, and roll-up patterning, and then the washing process is performed again, so the type of processing differs depending on each jeans.

Washing machine

There are many people who want a vintage look of jeans, and many who feel the value from it, and there are various types of washing processes in modern times.

Kimono, which is the origin of Kyoto Denim, has been loved by parents and children for a long time, just like inheriting kimono. The idea is exactly the same when changing from kimono to jeans.

Experience the lifestyle of the wearer and the discoloration and texture of the wearer so that you can be like a partner. And, in search of a comfortable feel like a kimono, we finish it with an exquisite texture and softness.