Customized for corporations

Customized for corporations

BLACK JEANS campaign

Kyoto Denim provides a lot of help for corporations.

■ Performance company / store name
UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd., JR Tokai "Yeah, Kyoto, let's go.", Kyoto University, Kansai University, Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. Shop, Dragon Baird, Kimono Yamato, SPINGLE MOVE, kiwacoto, Shizuoka Tavern Takamaru, etc.

OEM products

Ladybird tie

We create products using the techniques and sensibilities of traditional Japanese crafts, and utilize Japanese cultural know-how to solve corporate problems.

"Customization of things"
・ Corporate branding consulting
(Kyoto Denim representative Kuwayama will visit the company and help companies solve problems)

・ We will support you in various fields from product development of companies to tool creation, brand building, business start-up and operation.

・ Introduction of companies that produce related traditional crafts, concierge

"Customizing things"
・ Corporate brand product production ・ Talent and celebrity goods production

・ Production of original souvenirs for companies, schools, etc.

"Customized renovation"
・ Repair, redesign, and renovate apparel and product products using dyeing techniques.

Custom-made products

At Kyoto Denim, the "Kyoto Denim, Monozukuri Shoten" department accepts personal orders (full orders).
A long time ago, we cherish the culture that Japanese people thought of and tailored for that person, so that we can fulfill the needs of each and every customer.

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