Remake plush toy "Deniguma" | Special price for a limited time

¥6,666 (tax included)

"Deniguma" is a remake of your clothes

We will start the test of the project "Turn the memories you found in your home time into shape".
Usually at XNUMX yenXNUMX yen during the test period

Only for those who participated in the test start period
Start the project at a special price.

Please participate in the activity.

* The completed "Deniguma" may be uploaded to Kyoto Denim's SNS and website.I would be grateful if you could post your photos on your own SNS.

Remake your favorite clothes into a bag charm-sized "Deniguma".

"Deniguma" size
Overall length: about 13 cm, sitting height: about 11 cm

Since each one is handmade by a craftsman, we will keep your clothes
Delivery time of about XNUMX daysWe have received.

* The method of combining the fabrics is left to the craftsmen.
Please look forward to the finish.

In the unlikely event that the fabric of the clothes we have received is not enough,
We will use a combination of Kyoto Denim denim fabrics.

Clothes delivery address:
600-8208 Koinari-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 79-3
Kyoto Denim "SDGs de Niguma"

Please bear the shipping cost when you send it.
Post office "letter packs" and Yamato Transport's "Takkyubin Compact" are said to be relatively inexpensive to send.

Reuse / Deniguma | SDGs Project
Remake plush toy "Deniguma" | Special price for a limited time

¥6,666 (tax included)

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