-House time delivered from Kyoto-
Kyoto Denim x 280 years old Tanaka Naoyoshi dye shop

Kyoto Yuzen dyed Gamaguchi pouch
#Kyoto Denim Experience Set

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Enjoy your time at home!

Yuzen dyeing experience set arrives

The Kyoto Yuzen Gamaguchi Pouch is completed by the purchaser dyeing it with his or her favorite color.Kyoto Yuzen dyeing experience set.


Production experience while watching the video

By the designer of Kyoto Denim so that you can experience dyeing together60 minutes production videoIs attached.You can watch it anywhere, as many times as you likeで す!

Experience set

With family and friends

We will deliver a Kyo Yuzen experience set from Kyoto so that you can enjoy your time at home.You can enjoy watching the production video together.


Made in KYOTO


Founded 280 years ago, a long-established dye shop in Kyoto"Tanaka Naoyoshi Dye Shop"

Proposing a new kimono shape"Kyoto Denim"

~ I want you to touch while enjoying the craftsmanship of Kyoto ~



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Adult coloring book

I want to know about Kyoto Yuzen dyeing

Even if you are new to Kyoto Yuzen dyeing, this is an experience set that you can easily enjoy.

Home time

I want to enjoy my time at home

At home, draw as you like while watching the production video

Kyoto Yuzen dyeing

I want to draw a picture even for adults

Since it is dyed with a brush, color the Gamaguchi pouch as if you were drawing a picture.

Experience kit

I want to give an experience gift

An experience set that both children and adults can enjoy.It is also recommended as a coloring book for adults.

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About Kyoto Denim

We are working to connect the rich colors of Kyoto Yuzen dyeing and the feelings of our predecessors to the next generation.At the same time, we collect customer denim and work on product development of reused denim.