Kyoto Denim Jeans Tato Paper

Jeans and paper

At Kyoto Denim, we wrap your purchased jeans in "Tato paper" and hand them to you.

What is tato paper?

Tato paper is originally paper for storing kimono. Since it is made of Japanese paper, it has good breathability and a dehumidifying effect. You can also prevent the growth of mold.

Kyoto Denim Original Tato Paper


Why wrap jeans in paper?

Our company is a kimono manufacturer that has been around since the Edo period. Kyoto denim jeans are made using the technique of dyeing the kimono.

"Kyoto Denim" is an "activity" that started to inherit the beauty and culture of kimono and the wonderful skills of craftsmen.In order to preserve the culture of kimono as it is, the history of kimono is inherited from the time of ordering jeans to the manufacturing process and handing over.Wrapping jeans with paper, just like kimono, started with the desire to spread the culture of kimono.


How to wrap jeans paper

How to wrap paper

① Fold the jeans in half and place them on a piece of paper.


How to wrap paper XNUMX

② Fold the top and bottom thin papers inward.


How to wrap paper XNUMX
③ Fold the left and right and tie the string.


How to wrap paper XNUMX

④ The upper and lower papers are also completed by tying the folding string inside. Store in a shelf, closet, or closet.

* One piece of jeans is wrapped in one piece of paper.