KYOTODENIM is the first company in the world to use traditional techniques for denim.

traditional techniques “Kyo-Yuzen”


A traditional technique called “Kyo-Yuzen” is used for denim.

This is a dyeing technique that has been passed down since the Edo period used in Japanese Kimonos.

It is a traditional craft of Kyoto that has been handed down for hundreds of years.

KYOTODENIM is the first company in the world to use Kyo-Yuzen for denim.

By applying the current technology to the present, it has been reborn as a new form.

Kyo Yuzen’s pattern is gorgeous, but it is not flashy, but it is bright and comfortable.

It creates a unique atmosphere like no other.


Craftsmen make them one by one over time.

The color of Kyo-Yuzen is greatly affected by temperature and humidity.

In summer and winter, the color of water changes and the appearance of color changes due to changes in water temperature and penetration method.

Craftsmen read various environmental conditions from years of experience and dye them in the appropriate colors according to the moment.

So no one is the same.

The colors of the four seasons


Kyoto-Yuzen dyes look different depending on the natural light.

In the morning sun, the color is bluish. At sunset, the color is reddish.

Our work always coexists with nature.

Kyo-Yuzen reminds us of coexistence with nature.



Denim is not as expensive as kimono and is loved around the world.

By using Kyo-Yuzen for denim, we want many people to know the wonderful traditional culture.

There are more than 100 patterns.

Kyo-Yuzen can be applied to any part of jeans.

Spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

Summer sea and winter snow.

Patterns can be dyed according to the season.


You can also dye your favorite pattern.

There are endless variations.So, you can make only one jeans in the world.

The Japanese culture of Kyo-Yuzen and the western culture of jeans are mixed.

This is a collaboration between the past and present, Japan and the West.



Japanese tradition is “Beauty for use”.


“Beauty for use” refers to the beauty of things used in life.

We believe that beauty is not only for fashion, but also for everyday use as well as for decoration and fun.

We are pursuing a new way of traditional technology that does not stick to a fixed style.

KYOTODENIM will change and evolve traditional culture flexibly without changing the basic way of thinking and technology.

A culture loved by all ages.

KYOTODENIM job is to connect traditional culture to the next generation.

We believe this will contribute not only to Kyoto but also to the future of Japan.

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