Kyoto Denim – Flagship store –

Kyoto Denim – Flagship Store

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79-3Koinari-cho,Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto JAPAN
5min. walk from Kyoto Station
TEL. +81(0)75-352-1053

What is Kyoto Denim

Artisan Toyoaki Kuwayama started Kyoto Denim in 2007 order to bring the craft of yuzen dyeing from the world of kimono painting to a new medium that would resonate in the 21* century. Kyoto Denim’s goal is to preserve this art, and bring it to audiences around the globe.

The dyeing and tailoring of our bags is all done in Kyoto. They showcase the skills of our craftsmen, and highlight the unique designs of Kyoto. Kyoto Denim also offers custom dyeing services, where you can select a pattern to be dyed on your own jeans.

Delivery time for custom work is typically 2 weeks, with international shipping available. Prices start from



Can your old denim improve the future? Yes! At Kyoto Denim, we can recycle your used garments through our circular sustainability program. Bring us your old denim, and we will transform it into DENIGUMA – teddy bears that are as unique as the garments they were made from.




Kyoto City Shining – Local Companies (2023)

Weaving A Thousand Years Into the Future (2023)

Generation Z Fell In Love – Traditional Craft Award (2022)

Kyoto Creative Industry (2014)

For the future

To bring Tegaki yuzen into the future, we will continue to blend historic Japanese artistic techniques with denim fabrics from all over the world in a way that honours both the history of the art form, and the materials that give it life.p

adout “Tegaki yuzen”

The Kimono Traditional Crafts are the backbone of Kyoto’s exceptional artistic culture. Made by artisans, these rustic objects possess excellent functionality combined with a uniquely Japanese sense of beauty that was refined over the course of 300 years during the Edo Period. Tegaki yuzen is a freehand style of textile dyeing that was traditionally used to apply pictorial or decorative patterns to kimono and obi fabric.



Watew drop deign


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picnic tote design


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OMAMORIRIIRE mini pouch with a clasp closure

It can hold amulet.earphones,accessories and other small items.,950yen〜

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Denim Teddy Bear


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