Denim goodwill order

Denim goodwill

We accept orders for denim goodwill

In Kyoto DenimMade-to-order denim goodwillWe accept.

For stores, displays, partitions / blindfolds, sunshades, home interiors ...
It can be created for various purposes.

The unique taste of denim fabric and the emotional gorgeousness of traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing.
We will make only one denim curtain in the world.

Please let us know the details of the curtain (size, design proposal, budget guide, desired delivery date) by email.

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Denim goodwill order

Denim goodwill order XNUMX

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Denim goodwill order

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2 width denim goodwill estimate

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Goodwill production of Kyoto denim

We will make all the shapes, sizes, fabrics and patterns according to the purpose.

You can freely choose the shape, size, fabric, and pattern of Kyoto Denim's Noren order production according to your purpose.


We create basic noren shapes such as half goodwill, long goodwill, mizuhiki goodwill, and sunshade goodwill, as well as the original shape requested by the customer.


We can accommodate various sizes from the partition of your home to the entrance and exit of the store.

Denim fabric

Even if you say denim in a bite, there are various types from thin to thick, dark to light.
We will prepare the one that suits your purpose from among the many denim fabrics.

Pattern / pattern (design)

We produce one by one from the store name to the original logo and your favorite pattern.
The design proposal also supports Illustrator / Photoshop data.

We will choose the pattern / pattern dyeing method that suits your design and budget.
There are basically the following three ways to put out patterns and patterns.

  1. Discharge
  2. "Discharge" by traditional craft Kyo Yuzen dyeing.
    The denim fabric itself is dyed to give a white pattern. Therefore, there is no discoloration due to aging.

  3. Color insertion
  4. After discharge printing, "color insertion" is performed on the fabric dyed white.
    It is possible to produce a gorgeous kimono-like curtain that is unique to traditional crafts Kyo Yuzen dyeing.
    One-point dyeing for accents.

  5. Pigment
  6. Draw patterns and patterns directly on the denim fabric with pigments.
    Unlike discharge printing, it is applied from above, which reduces durability, but it has a higher degree of freedom in design than discharge printing.

~ Before contacting us ~

We will reproduce the customer's request as much as possible, but we may propose the shape, design, and dyeing method so that the curtain will be more suitable for the customer's request. Please note that.

If you provide detailed images and information about the curtain when making inquiries, the subsequent production will proceed smoothly.
Customers who are close to their desired delivery date are kindly requested to fill in as much detailed information as possible.

The price of the curtain will be quoted and decided once the following conditions are confirmed.

  • size
  • Type of fabric
  • Pattern size and design
  • Dyeing method

Because it is a handmade product that handles natural products, we will give you a taste unique to denim and hand dyeing.

Flow of order for denim goodwill

Please tell us your desired denim curtain

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  • Size (vertical x horizontal)
  • Shape / design proposal
  • Use
  • Budget guide
  • Desired delivery date

Please fill in

  • Quotation
  • We will discuss the detailed image of delivery date, size, pattern, shape and design by email.
    * We may call you.

  • Start creating
  • After deciding the detailed image, we will start creating
    The production time is planned to be one month, but it may change depending on the timing of the year-end and New Year holidays, Obon festival, etc.

  • Creation completed
  • We will deliver it to you

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    Denim goodwill production, denim goodwill ordering method and commitment

    Traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing

    You can use the traditional craft technique "Traditional Craft Kyo Yuzen Dyeing" used for kimono to make the curtains of Kyoto Denim.

    "Discharge" that dyes the color of the fabric according to the shape of the letters and patterns.
    "Coloring" that colors the discharged part.
    The patterning of Noren by traditional craft Kyo Yuzen dyeing is mainly done in these two processes.


    "Discharge printing" is a technique that dyes the indigo color of denim fabric white to create a pattern.
    It is one of the traditional craft techniques for making kimono.
    Since the fabric itself is decolorized, the pattern does not come off like prints and pigments.
    It is suitable for curtains that are often touched by many people and used outdoors.

    For discharge printing, the degree of pattern removal changes depending on the thickness and material of the fabric, and the climate and temperature.
    The craftsman reads various situations and responds to the natural environment at that time to improve the completeness of discharge printing.
    It is unique to manual work that the pattern is different depending on the time and season of creation.

    Color insertion

    After discharge printing, "color insertion" is performed.

    Coloring is the cornerstone of traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing.
    We use hand-dyed techniques such as bleeding and blurring to insert colors according to the moment into the color sense cultivated through many years of experience of craftsmen.
    As with discharge printing, it is affected by the natural environment, so the bleeding, blurring, and hue may differ slightly depending on the timing of color insertion.

    Simple denim curtains that are only discharged are also tasteful, but you must insert colors to enjoy the gorgeousness of traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing.
    It is suitable for small curtains used as home interiors.
    It is recommended to insert a color for only one point to make it an accent.

    In this way, traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing is greatly affected by environmental conditions.
    Due to its nature, you cannot make exactly the same thing.
    Even if you make three curtains with the same pattern, they will all have slightly different textures.

    Please enjoy it as a pleasure that can only be experienced by hand.
    Due to the lack of reproducibility, each item is a unique and special noren.

    Denim fabric

    The advantage of denim fabric is that it has a deep taste even if it is discolored or torn.
    The more you use it, the more familiar it becomes and the more it creates a unique texture, making it suitable for long-term use.

    In particular, the noren and denim, which can be used as the face of the store for a long time, are a perfect match.

    Attractiveness unique to denim fabric

    • long lasting
    • Ayaori's denim fabric is very durable. It can be repaired even if it is torn or frayed.

    • Enjoy discoloration
    • In the case of denim, you can enjoy the discoloration that tends to be avoided as aged deterioration as "Atari".

    • Wide variety of fabrics
    • Denim fabrics come in a variety of materials, from thick to thin. You can choose the fabric that suits your image of the curtain.

    By using a rare denim fabric for the noren, you can create a unique atmosphere.

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    Must be denim fabric

    Denim curtains gradually adapt to the place and purpose of use and the person who uses them, and change into a variety of textures.
    Denim fabric that overflows with individuality depending on the amount of people passing by, the amount of contact, and the way the sun shines.

    As with jeans, the longer you use it, the more individual it becomes, which is the real thrill of denim.
    It will naturally become a part of your life and you will become attached to it just like your own child.

    Denim curtains make history.
    The faded white areas and the stains created by the traffic of people are like gray hair and wrinkles.

    Just because it's old doesn't mean it's bad.
    It is a proof of accumulated experience and hardship.

    Denim curtains live with people.
    The same goes for Noren, which becomes more attractive as time goes by.

    Whether at home or in a store, its existence should continue to live as a certainty.

    As an important person who lives with our customers, Kyoto Denim makes goodwill with each and every thought.

    Please contact us first.

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