Recruitment of dyeing planning public relations intern

Kyoto Denim wants to accept an internship. We can recruit from students to working people. We are creating opportunities to learn a wide range of topics such as dyeing, textile design, planning, public relations, and design.

Textile design
watch video

A documentary video of Kyoto Denim has been released on the video channel "nano tones TV" that depicts "feelings" and "things" created by "individuals" that enrich life.
Kyoto Denim is looking for a dyeing art intern.
We manufacture "Kyoto Denim", a denim fabric that uses traditional dyeing techniques used for kimono.
I have the opportunity to learn a part of that work as an internship.

Dyeing textile design

Job openings Recruitment of dyeing textile design planning public relations intern
Job Description We also assist designers, part-time workers, and employees in their normal work (mold carving, dyeing, textile design, Kyoyuzen, cleaning, product press organization, etc.), product planning, and work using a personal computer. We do various things such as marketing, WEB construction, design production, information transmission through SNS and WEB sites. We are looking for people who want to learn and grow while doing various things.
What you will learn I want you to improve your skills while learning that it is useful for someone to work. And I want you to learn to grow through your work with aspirations from today to tomorrow and from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow.
Qualifications Men and women (ages 20 to 34) Not only students but also working people are okay. Cheerful and cheerful * Interview ants
Location 600-8208-79 Koinari-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 3-104 (XNUMX-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station)
Working hours None Free action
the term None (Spring vacation and summer vacation will be a lottery if there are many student applications
Salary None (It's basically unpaid. Think of it as a place for learning.
Directions and Parking Kyoto Denim Showroom (XNUMX-minute walk from Kyoto Station)
How to Apply Please apply by email. Person in charge: Miyamoto]

After stating "Kyoto denim dyeing product planning intern hope"

Name-Phone Number-age-Your current area of ​​residencePlease write in an email and send us an email.

A resume is required to participate in the internship.

When the number of applicants is large, documents will be selected based on the resume.

* If you do not receive a reply within 075 days after sending the email, there is a possibility of non-delivery. Please contact us again by another method such as telephone. (TEL 352-1053-XNUMX)


* Please think of the photos and contents as an image. The content of the intern will change depending on various matters such as work work and financial situation. In particular, dyed textiles vary in temperature and seasonal changes depending on the season.
* Please bring trousers, clothes that can get dirty, an apron, rubber gloves, etc.

Kyoto Denim Intern

Experience hand dyeing
We will actually work on a part of the process of dyeing jeans that are dyed by craftsmen.

Kyoto Denim Intern

The sense of color is sharpened
I am looking forward to creating colors for a new era by fusing old colors with modern colors.

Kyoto Denim Intern

The moment to concentrate on something
The moment you find yourself new when you concentrate on one thing in a space different from your usual environment.

Kyoto Denim Intern

While feeling the texture of the fabric
We also perform press work with iron, which finishes while observing the characteristics of the fabric.

Kyoto Denim Intern

It is a photograph of dyeing, textile design, and internship.
(At that time, the content of the intern varies depending on the season and work)

Kyoto Denim Intern

Dye denim fabric

Kyoto Denim Intern

Polite handiwork

Kyoto Denim Intern

Kyoto Yuzen dyeing on denim

Kyoto Denim Intern

Carve a pattern

Kyoto Denim Intern

Kyo Yuzen tools

Kyoto Denim Intern

Traditional technique

Dyeing intern

We also build websites and design websites.
Information will be sent on the web. Branding
We also plan together.

Kyoto Denim is looking for colleagues to work with

We are working to get people to know the traditional craftsmanship used in kimono and to get interested in Japanese culture as much as possible.
If someone who is familiar with traditional techniques and is interested tells someone and inherits it somewhere
I'm sure that people will nurture and pass on that era, and I think that culture can be preserved for the next generation.
Like our ancestors planted trees for the future 100 years from now
Think about what we can do for the next 100 years.
To make the next generation that Japanese people love and love Japanese culture
What to do now
The ancestors left the culture in Japan by valuing what they left behind rather than what they gained.
We use the traditional crafts of kimono for familiar things and carry out activities to pass on to the next generation.