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This is the recruitment information page for Kyoto Denim.

Instead of just working, I am aiming for a better society by spending my days full of philosophies and rewards.

What we value in our work

We are working to get people to know the traditional craftsmanship used in kimono and to get interested in Japanese culture as much as possible.
If someone who is familiar with traditional techniques and is interested tells someone and inherits it somewhere
I'm sure that people will nurture and pass on that era, and I think that culture can be preserved for the next generation.
Like our ancestors planted trees for the future 100 years from now
Think about what we can do for the next 100 years.
To make the next generation that Japanese people love and love Japanese culture
What to do now

The ancestors left the culture in Japan by valuing what they left behind rather than what they gained.
We use the traditional crafts of kimono for familiar things and carry out activities to pass on to the next generation.

Buyeo Pung

Kyoto denim video

A documentary video of Kyoto Denim has been released on the video channel "nano tones TV" that depicts "feelings" and "things" created by "individuals" that enrich life.

Kyoto Denim Documentary Video Thumbnails

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Introduced on eo Hikari TV.

I'm looking for a companion to grow Kyoto Denim trees

The Kyoto Denim tree started planting in 2004 and is 15 years old this year.
Although it is still a small tree, the color of the colored leaves has changed, the trunk has become firm, and flowers have begun to bloom.
SuchI am looking for a companion to grow the Kyoto Denim tree together.
"What to do to grow Kyoto Denim trees"
The basic form of Kyoto denim is to make it yourself and sell it yourself.
With dyeing, textile design and art, and design power, we make product products, fashion items, accessories, miscellaneous goods, textiles, etc., and build our own marketing and branding.
Dye the fabric.
Shape it.
We will brand and publicize that feeling.
We will take a picture by ourselves and build a website.
Sometimes we develop in collaboration with other companies and do various things while thinking about the whole picture instead of just one.
We are working to spread the techniques and culture of traditional crafts left by our predecessors for the next generation, thinking of being close to modern life.

We are looking for people who want to be motors instead of gears.
People who want to work in society and grow with aspirations together with society by acting on their own initiative rather than being told by others
And we are waiting for people who can think about how to make Kyoto Denim tree a beautiful and splendid tree by themselves.

Kyoto Denim directly managed store

Product design

Fabric dyeing

Job openings

❶ ▶ ︎Textile design product planning (apprentice apprentice and assistant Kuwayama)

❷ ▶ ︎EC store, public relations planning

❸ ▶ ︎Store customer service management staff

❸ ▶ ︎Recruitment of photographers

How to Apply
Phone 075-352-1053 (to Miyamoto)

Frequently Asked Questions "What is the most different from other companies? 』\

At Kyoto Denim, we not only plan, develop, and sell products, but also actually move our hands in-house to discuss and manufacture products using traditional techniques.
The reason is that by actually making it, you can feel the traditional romance that our predecessors have conveyed and pass it on to the next generation.
And the sense of working style is different. I am conscious of how useful people and society are, rather than how to create an economy.
It's at least a matter of course to get results, and it's in the process of paying attention.
We are thinking of creating a company where each person feels that working time is the most enjoyable rather than having fun on weekends and holidays.

Planting and growing Kyoto Denim tree seedsDesigner Buyeo Pungで す

In Japan, the wonderful technology, spirit, art and lifestyle that we can be proud of in the world have been nurtured.
In particularOld Japanese art is not something that you can frame and appreciate, but a long historical background that has been deeply rooted in life as "beauty for use" that can be utilized in daily life.there is.
Therefore, now so-calledTraditional crafts are all natural items that are used in daily life, that is, in fashion and might be.
Kyoto Denim is working to pass on the "beauty of use" of Japanese people to the present era, and to the next generation, including the romance and process of making things.
And we are looking forward to the friends who grow the Kyoto Denim tree.

Kyoto Denim Designer Kuwayama

Activities of Kyoto Denim Our Business

・ Kyoto denim apparel souvenir business
Manufacture and sale of original denim products made using traditional techniques used for dyeing kimono.
・ Kyoto Denim Interior Business
Planning and development of collaboration items with other companies using traditional techniques used for dyeing kimono (chairs, lighting, bran, shoji, folding screen, etc.)
・ Kyoto Denim Building Materials Business
Proposal production of Kyoto denim wallpaper, tatami mats, flooring, and lighting in hotel rooms and residential commercial facilities.
・ Kyoto Denim Manufacturing Store Business
We will "customize" our customers' "only one in the world" with craftsmanship and pass on traditional techniques to the next generation.
・ Kyoto denim experience business
A business that allows tourists and other tourists to experience traditional techniques used for dyeing kimono
・ Kyoto Denim-branding business
We will refine the essence and true appeal of other companies and brands, and create a mechanism for product development and dissemination.
・ Kyoto Denim R & D Project
Textile design and textile production business (proposals to the general public and corporations)

Future business ⒈ Overseas business, spreading Kyoto denim overseas ⒉ Collaboration with food culture ⒊ Kyoto denim and proposals for health and comfort ⒋ Uniform business, etc.