Traditional technique, Japanese design

What is Kyoto Denim?

Kyoto denim

Kyoto Denim has been a kimono manufacturer since the Edo period.

Kimono store

As the kimono industry declines, "Kyoto Denim" is an activity that began with the desire of designer Kuwayama to "protect the craftsmanship of kimono and help inherit the craftsmanship."

At Kyoto Denim, traditional kimono dyeing techniques such as traditional crafts such as Kyo Yuzen dyeing, Kyo Komon dyeing, and Kyo dyeing are applied to denim fabrics.

Traditional craft Kyoto Yuzen dyeing work

Traditional crafts such as Kyo Yuzen dyeing, which has a light and elegant texture, and Kyo Komon dyeing, which dyes fine patterns evenly, are wonderful techniques of craftsmen who have been cultivated over many years.

Discharge printing work

From kimono to jeans, the essence does not change even if the shape changes. Similar to the process of dyeing kimono, jeans are also handmade by craftsmen one by one.

We reaffirmed the traditional Japanese texture, grace, color and pattern that people have cultivated in the land of Kyoto, and expressed it in a modern form.