Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

Knowing the "amulet" will increase your profits! ??

I think that many people buy amulets when visiting shrines and temples.
Especially in January, when I go to Hatsumode, I want it.

With the help of God to fulfill the wishes of this year and to achieve the purpose ...
Amulets give people the power of God and are also the alter ego of God.

The effects of amulets are diverse, such as praying for health, prosperity of business, praying for safe delivery, marriage, praying for passing, traffic safety, and warding off evil.
It is certain that we are dealing with all kinds of worries in this world.

Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

"Amulets" that remain familiar to Japanese people.
But,Isn't there surprisingly little you know about amulets?

The more you know about amulets, the easier it may be to benefit.
We recommend that you deepen your knowledge a little before buying an amulet.

This is a must-read for those who haven't felt the benefits of amulets so far.

Keep in mind that amulets are not just a tool for fulfilling your wishes.

Fulfill your wishes with amulets and aim for a richer life.

Amulet Tips-You are also a talisman master-

Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

Amulets are not "buy" but "give"

I understand that you want to buy it because you are paying for it,Amulets have the power of God. (Red stampIs the same)
It is enshrined in front of the gods, has been blessed by the gods, or is the god itself, and is officially called a "guardian tag" (shusatsu, morifuda).

That's why the word "amulet" is written where the amulets are sold.
Instead of buying, you "give" and "receive."

It is bestowed with the help of God through amulets.

About the timing of giving amulets

Amulets are not a souvenir of worship.
It is given when you really need it.

It is better not to give it with the feeling of buying it for the time being, or buying it because it is a big deal.

You will naturally want to experience the goodness of shrines and temples.
I want to have an edge.
"I want this god to protect me"

It is best to give it when you feel that good when you worship.
Timing is important for amulets.

The amulet has your feelings at that time.

Amulets are counted as one body and two bodies ...

Amulets are not one or two, nor one or two, but are counted as "one body, two bodies ...".
This is an indication that it is God's alter ego.

Count using the same unit as God, not things.

By the way, in the case of bills, it is counted as "1 pillar, 2 pillars ..." (Hitohashira, Lidhashira ...).

How to hold and wear an amulet

Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

To benefit from God

  • Always wear it in your bag or purse
  • Place it in a high place that you can see at home

And good.

It is recommended that you wear it according to your purpose.

If it's a talisman for rising fortune, put it in your wallet.
If it's a talisman to pray for success, use it as a pen case.
Maternity wear for amulets to pray for easy delivery.
If it's a lucky charm, you can always carry it with you on your smartphone.

It will be easier to make a profit.

Don't wear amulets during the mourning

If your family or relatives are unhappy, keep the amulet somewhere else.
Amulets can also carry the anxiety and sadness of their owners.

It is good not to wear it until you can organize your feelings.

You can wear more than one! ??

There is no problem at all. God has a wide bosom.
Gods do not fight each other and cancel each other's benefits.

However,You should stop holding too much.
If you have XNUMX or XNUMX amulets, the original effect of the amulet may not be exhibited.

Get the right number according to your wishes and goals.

Don't look inside! ??

Shallow curiosity adversely affects the amulet itself.
Looking at the contents is a weakening of faith and is the cause of its ineffectiveness.

God likes cleanliness.

The contents include wooden boards and paper with the name of the god of worship, and things that symbolize the purpose of prayer.
If it is torn or dirty, return it and replace it with a new one instead of changing the bag.

So that it doesn't happenAmuletIt is recommended to protect with.

Amulet deadline

The amulet has no expiration date, but one year is a guide.
If you wear it for a long time, you will feel bad.

If you feel that you have finished your role, return it with gratitude for the year.

How to return the amulet

Amulets for shrines go to shrines, and amulets for temples go to temples.
Basically, it will be returned to the shrine / temple that you received.

If you make a mistake, don't dispose of it as burning garbage at home.

There are old bill collection, old bill reception, old bill storage, etc. at shrines and temples, so please return them there.
It will cook it up.

Some places can be mailed.
Put a talisman in an envelope, etc. and write "I want to cook it" and send it.
There are some places that are not accepted, so it is good to check in advance.

Amulet = heart

Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

Just because you have an amulet does not mean that your wish will come true.
There is no guarantee that unfortunate events will never happen.

The amulet is the "heart".

It gives you a sense of security and strength, and gives you the power to push the owner's back.

Amulets are something that people feel.

To know and treat amulets correctly is also to understand and cherish people.

Always be grateful and wear an amulet.
As a result, that feeling leads to the fulfillment of wishes and goals.

If you have any purpose or wish to achieve this year, please give a talisman with a positive hope and a refreshing feeling.
It may be a different year than before.

Put it in a bag to protect the amulet

Know the amulet and receive the benefits correctly ~ Protect with Gamaguchi Amulet ~

Amulets that you always wear are easy to get dirty or torn.
If you handle the amulet roughly, the effect will be reduced accordingly.

In order to maximize the power of the amulet, it is essential to take good care of the amulet itself.

If you put the amulet in a special bag, you will become more attached to it, and your profits will increase, so it may be two birds with one stone.

Why don't you put it in a handmade amulet bag?

Kyoto denim amulet

At Kyoto Denim, we produce denim amulets.
Handmade products with different patterns and colors, one by one.

The patterns made by traditional crafts Kyo Yuzen dyeing and Kyo Komon dyeing are cute and tasteful, and the durable denim fabric protects the amulet.

Just as you protect your smartphone with a case, protect your amulet.
It is essential to keep it carefully.

It comes with a long string so you can tie it to your bag.

It may be rather natural to cherish the amulet, which is God's alter ego.

Let's protect the amulet with a talisman and let us show the true power of God.


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